Packing For Coachella

Salty winds and wish for freedom already caught our californation-freedom spirit. And if you are lucky in one week you’re visiting one of the biggest Music and Arts festival Coachella. It’s to get lost in crowd, beat of music and great sense of fashion.

C A M P   I T   O U T


The true Coachella experience comes from actually experiencing it. You are already spending a lot of money on the wristband, so skip paying for overpriced hotel rooms.


With car camping you are a lot closer to the music venues and in the desert every step you take seems like an eternity. Also, think about it. With a car you can obviously pack more supplies to help you survive Coachella. Unite forces with your friends who also got car camping passes and build a mega-fort! Go crazy with setting it up! Set up the lights to make it recognizable in the dark. Heck, even bring a mini pool if you want (The least necessary. The most fun).


Disposable is the easiest and the best.


To kill time in the morning or while traveling.


You don’t want to smell and be nasty.  Bring your toothbrush, shampoo, baby wipes, gum, deodorant,… Really.


You probably don’t need it, but nothing beats a ‘home-cooked’ meal. Not even those overpriced meals that are offered on the spot. If you bring a camping stove, don’t forget a pot and skillet, because otherwise, it will be kind of useless.

W H A T   T O   B R I N G


Kind of obvious, right? Double-check. And then check again. And again. Just to be sure.


This is the most important Coachella tip! Many rookies forget to drink water because of all the excitement of their first weekend of Coachella. This can be dangerous when mixing dancing, sun and possibly alcohol.


For obvious reasons. But don’t bring your good sunglasses. Odds are that you will lose them dancing, drinking, stumbling, or all the above. Buy some cheap sunglasses and bring a backup pair.


What makes Coachella so much fun is sunshine and warm weather. But don’t let that this stands in the way of having an amazing day 1 which turns out to an awful day 2 and 3 because of sunburn. So wear sun scream!


Have we mentioned the sun? Just don’t be a douche and wear one of those big sombreros that block the view of anyone standing behind you.


It’s great for memories (even the ones you won’t remember because of the consumption of alcohol). If you plan on bringing the camera with you, be sure that is one of the point and shoots. You don’t want to carry a huge DSLR camera with you and risking losing it or someone stealing it. Make sure to snap a picture of your contact information, so if someone finds it, they will know who to contact.


This is one of the greatest tips. A light scarf can be used as a head wrap (to absorb sweat), as a small towel or can serve as something to sit on. When you don’t use it, simply tie it on your backpack or around your waist.


Don’t risk losing your card or pay ATM fees. Bring enough to survive the weekend and store it somewhere safe.


Try not to wear a backpack, but try carrying something smaller. Pack it with extra hair ties, bobby pins, safety pins, lip balm, band-aids, sunscreen,…


The music is loud (duhh), especially if you are in the front row of the main stage. That ringing in your ears after the festival is permanent hearing damage, so if you want to be able to enjoy music 30 years from now, wear ear protection at Coachella and other concerts. These earplugs won’t muffle the music, but they will bring it down to a reasonable and safe decibel level.


It can help you find your way back to the camp side or finding your friends. You’ll be surprised how many times you will use it.


Desert gets hot due to various geographical reasons (thin atmosphere and lack of water) so it may be hot during the day. But guess what? At night, the heat disappears and the temperature can drastically drop.


This one is useful for various reasons. From taking a ‘hippy shower’ to using it after a trip to the porta-potty.


Even if you don’t smoke, it’s nice that you have one to lend to people.


Hey, better safe than sorry, right?

Coachella | What To Bring

I T E M S   Y O U   S H O U L D   L E A V E   A T   H O M E


Do NOT wear sandals on any of musical festivals. Your feet will hate you by the end of the day, and you are risking that your feet will get stepped on(which is most likely to happen). Bring ankle boots or battle boots to ensure the safety of your feet.


Sweat and body paint combined don’t bring up any good.


Expensive and bulky. Need to say more?


Don’t bring pets or children to Coachella. Just don’t.

T I P S   A N D   T R I C K S

There is no personal space

You must know what you got yourself into. Remember that before you yell at someone because they are ‘invading your personal space’.

Meeting point

Cell reception is bad, so if you text a friend ‘Where are you?’ or ‘Meet me in 20 minutes’ it can take time to actually deliver the message, meaning that a friend is not there anymore or those 20 minutes has already passed several time. Send texts that have an hour and a meeting point already chosen, eg. ‘Meet at 20.00 at merchandise tent.’

Save battery life

It’s very annoying to lose your group of friends only to find out that your cell phone is dead. Turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data and close the background apps. After all, you don’t need a phone for those features while at Coachella. Enjoy the music.

You don’t have to see everything

The experience in itself is mind-blowingly awesome so just put ‘enjoy’ at the top of your list.

Put medication in original bottle

Unless you want your actual medicine be mistaken for illegal drugs.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes

Here is a simple fact: you will be on your feet for at least 10 hours a day during the weekends. Trendy and fashionable clothes and shoes may seem like an amazing idea at first, but you will wish that you had worn something more practical.

Buy merchandise on the first day

The lines are enormous and there is a chance of item being sold out. You don’t want to hear that when you have been standing in a line for the past three hours.

Don’t wear black.


Take time to yourself

Don’t be hitched with your group. Venture out on your own. It will be some of the best times you have. Guaranteed.

Car park app

This tip is genius. Mark your cars position and you will have no problem finding it later.


P A C K I N G    F O R    F A  S H I O N

Sans titre 5

Valentino trousers/ Nly top/ H&M sandals/ Billabong backpack/ Fedora

Sans titre 7Cardigan/ Ripped shorts/ Loose knit jumper/ Sandals/ FedoraUntitled 5

Maxi dress/Heels/Temporary Tattoos/ Sun Hat/ Sunglasses 

Untitled 8

Playsuit/ Ankle boots/Temporary Tattoo/ Sun Hat/ Sunglasses



B E A U T Y     T R I C K S

Coachella is a place wehre you can play the wildest makeup, or the sweetest one. It’s place where there is no limits, no silver lining and it is usually a time to experiment.  But if you’re not sure about it, let us show you some of our favourite looks.


P A C K I N G   F O R   C O A C H E L L A   P L A Y L I S T

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as you would enjoy experiencing the festival!

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