Secrets Of Looking Great After a Workout

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Been there, done that. After all that sweat and tears, my face is about to die. After a month of researching and trying to found a way of looking great after a workout, I think found our golden answer. If you want to know more go for it and let me know what you think.

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SHOWER: After intense workout you need to make sure that your body gets their normal temperature back. So make sure you will shower with lukewarm wather.

Remember perfume, soup and deodorant are must-have. 

FACE: Use oil absorbing products and stick concelear, for more you won’t have time. Make sure you splash your face with cold water or cleaner before applying any products.

MAKEUP: You can go with Miranda Kerr street style, use some mascara, red lipstick and sunglasses.

If you’re not red lipstick girl  you can also go natural shades lipsticks (light pink).

HAIR: I categorize them in two most needed option. If you use turotial for the first time and doesen’t work you can always go with second option.

STRAIGHT HAIR: It’s much easier with straight hair, all you need is dry shampoo – after you use it, just brush it out. And you’re ready to take on the world.

CURLY HAIR:  Use some dry shampoo than brush it out. Make a braid or classy bun – can’t miss with that one. But don’t go with ponytail it will look sweaty and messy.

CLOTHES: Later in the post I will show you some fashion inspirations.

HELLS AND SWEATPANTS: It’s one of the sexiest after workout outfits. I love it. Go with some black heels, leather black jacket, white shirt and dark grey sweatpants. You will love it. Trust me.

SNICKERS: Go with look from 2014. Everyday wardrobe with your working out snickers. It’s easy and brilliant.

3 0  – 4 5   M I N U T E S


OTHERS: Everything else is the same.

MAKEUP:  If you’re not red lipstick girl  you can also go natural shades lipsticks (light pink).   Now when you have time make sure you moisturize your skin. After that you can do your daily makeup routine.

Y O U R    A F T E R    W O R K O U T   I N S P I R A T I O N

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